Season Series Concert Pair #3 BRAZILIAN BRASS

KMFA 89.5 FM Radio, Draylen Mason Music Studio, 41 Navasota Street, Austin, TX 78702

Darrin Milling, Bass Trombone Kyle Koronka, Trumpet Patrick Hughes, French Horn Bruce Williams, Viola Douglas Harvey, Cello Toby Blumenthal, Piano

Our guest artist Darrin Milling is the principal trombonist of the São Paulo State Symphony in Brazil but performs this eclectic program with Classical Sound on bass trombone with a special secret attachment. Find out that secret and also just how beautiful the bass trombone can be as some of your favorite Austin Classical Musicians join Darrin for this unique and free event!

”Songs of a Wayfarer” by Gustav Mahler

for Bass Trombone and Piano

“Two Songs” Op. 91 by Johannes Brahms

for Bass Trombone, Viola and Piano

Five Duets by Dmitri Shostakovich

for Bass Trombone and Cello

“Recreation” by Pierre Gabaye

for Trumpet, French Horn, Bass Trombone and Piano

Musica Viva São Paulo, Brazil by Mulher Rendeira

for Bass Trombone and Cello